Friday, August 12, 2011

Welcome to my blog on CFD and others...

Hello CFDers/visitors,

Greetings and welcome!

This is my first ever blogging experience. Obviously the primary topic will be CFD (i.e., computational fluid dynamics), which happens to be what I do in my job (sometimes as a hobby too). But I will also share thoughts on any other topics of personal interest. I am not a very organized person, and therefore I do not expect any "structures" in whatever I post here. Hopefully they are still useful in some way. Please feel free to let me know your comments or suggestions, and I will try my best to respond.

My primary research interest  is on adaptive high-order CFD methods, which are 3rd order accurate or higher, and capable of handling unstructured grids. As a matter of fact, any structured grids can be treated as unstructured grids, and in a very efficient manner. I am working to make these high-order methods more efficient, robust and user friendly. For a snapshot on what these methods can do,  here is a movie on the simulation of vortex breakdown and transition:

More later...

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